6 Tips to Crack NEET 2019 | NEET Preparation Tips

NEET Preparation Tips

NEET is one of the toughest medical entrance exams to crack as lakhs of students appear for NEET every year and paper is prepared by experts to test the conceptual and analytical skills of aspirants. NEET (National Eligibility Entrance Test) is a gateway to MBBS/ BDS admission in top Medical Colleges in India. Every Medical aspirant prepare really hard to score well in NEET exam in order to secure a seat in top medical college. From poring over textbooks to getting NEET Coaching classes, studying for hours to memorize formulae to finding NEET preparation tips, students leave no stone unturned for NEET exam preparation. But with all this hard work and efforts, students also need to have a proper study plan and well-planned NEET preparation strategy. To help students stand tall in the exam and score good in NEET 2019, here are 6 Tips to Crack NEET 2019.

1. Believe in yourself

“The man who thinks he can and the man who thinks he can’t are both right.” Which one are you?

First of all, you need to believe that you can crack the exam. The competition is tough but there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve. Do not take too much stress and exam pressure that you don’t even understand the concepts. If you will study well with right preparation strategy, you will surely crack NEET 2019. Believe in yourself!

2. Study Smartly

Some of the students spend lots of hours studying for NEET Preparation but still end up getting average marks while some use adequate time and score 600+ in NEET. Catching power, attentiveness and their strategies for NEET preparation can be attributed to this. Study in a focused way, avoid distractions and utilize the time to the maximum. There is nothing that you don’t have. All you need is a guided path where you reach your potential.

3. Check NEET Exam Pattern and Syllabus

Before you start preparing for NEET 2019, it is very important to understand the exam pattern, number of questions in each subject, types of questions being asked, relevant topics, weightage of topics, duration of the exam. Get familiar with the NEET Exam pattern and important aspects of NEET syllabus.

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4. Make an Effective Study Plan

Most students make a timetable which they fail to follow. Depending on your ability to invest hours daily, make a proper study plan focusing on the most important topics of each subject and completing the NEET syllabus well in time. Align the topics moderately, with a mix of hard and easy topics, pick the tough ones first and strengthen your weaker areas.

5. Solve NEET Question Papers and Mock Tests

Students usually panic due to lack of time and make silly mistakes in exam. Thus, it is very important to improve time management skills to complete the NEET question paper in time. Solve previous NEET question papers and mock tests to increase your speed and accuracy of solving the questions. It will also help you test your NEET preparation level and analyze your performance.

6. NEET Coaching Classes is a good option

Students can take NEET coaching classes to enhance their preparation dynamically. A full-fledged NEET coaching deals in detail with all the aspects of entrance exam. While preparing the student for their goals, a professionally designed coaching also pushes the aspirant to meet his real potential. That is what you get in premier coaching like KELVIN NEET classes. This NEET Entrance Coaching will offer you key features such as understanding concepts, doubt clearance, performance analysis, access to best study material, regular tests and confidence for the exam.

Hope these NEET Preparation tips will give you a raw structure about how you should plan your NEET preparation strategy. We wish you good luck for your NEET Exam 2019.

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