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With around 20 days left to prepare for NEET 2019 exam, it’s likely you’re feeling some pressure! The NEET is challenging, even difficult to crack in the first attempt which is why it’s very important to prepare with a right strategy, discover your potential, reach at your peak and give your best shot in NEET 2019. During the next four weeks, you should engage in NEET preparation as much as possible. Increase your study hours, cut distractions and give all your time to Physics, Chemistry and Biology. To help students boost their NEET preparation in 1 month, here is a daily routine for NEET aspirants, preparation strategy and some useful NEET preparation tips to crack the exam in 1 month.

How to Prepare for NEET 2019 in last 1 Month

1. Divide your Study Time 

Analyze your preparation level for each subject and divide your study time accordingly. If you study 12 hours a day, give 6 hours for revisions and 6 hours for problem solving, mock tests etc.

2. Revise Study Notes 

If you are enrolled in any NEET Entrance Coaching, you must have got study material there. Go through the notes and ask your teachers to solve your doubts if any. You can also try online NEET test series for practice.

3. Solve Previous Year Question Papers

Solve as much NEET question papers as you can. This will help you manage time and pressure on the exam day and increase your speed and accuracy of solving the questions. Solving mock tests will also help you get familiar with the questions and exam pattern.

4. Stay Motivated

NEET preparation requires hard work, consistent efforts and dedication. While preparing for the exam, you may get stressed and frustrated at times. Stay motivated and confident as taking stress will only prevent you from performing your best. Make sure to take healthy diet, enough sleep to stay relaxed.

Remember – Biology will help you Qualify, Chemistry will help you score and Physics will help you ace the exam.

How to Prepare for NEET 2019 – Daily Routine for Students

Daily Routine for NEET Preparation

6 am – Wake up early to enjoy the freshness. Do some yoga and breathing exercise to be active and gain energy for a hard day. Get ready for School/Coaching.

7 am – 1 pm – Go to school or If you are enrolled in any NEET Entrance Coaching. Be attentive during class and make short notes during lectures. It helps you understand concept better.

1 pm – 3 pm – After school/ coaching, give 2 hours for lunch and rest.It is very important.

3 pm – 5 pm – Time to study. Start with Physics (Difficult One). Prioritize difficult chapters as per weightage. Prepare notes for future revision. If you are stuck at a point, mark it to try again on the next day.

5 pm – 7 pm – Pick up Chemistry. Study NCERT for Physical Chemistry and practise questions. For Inorganic and Organic Chemistry, make formula charts and revise formulas and name reactions on daily basis.

7 pm – 8 pm – Take 1 hour break for Dinner & some family time.

8 pm – 11 pm – Study Focus on NCERT for Biology without skipping any topic. Understand concepts and clear your doubts if any.

NEET Crash Course 2019 – 30 Days Preparation

NEET Crash Course is a good option for aspirants who are not confident enough about their preparation or still have doubts. NEET Crash Course is the best way to revise and give a last minute grilling to your NEET preparation. It will help you touch every concept of the syllabus for quickest revisions, provide you study material, test series, tips and techniques to manage time and gain confidence for the prestigious medical entrance exam.

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