Why Choose Delhi over Kota for NEET Coaching?

Where should I go for NEET coaching, Delhi or Kota?

Which is better option for NEET Coaching, Kota or Delhi? This is the most common question which arises in every student’s mind while preparing for medical entrance exams and aspiring to crack NEET.

Most students looking for NEET Coaching compare these two most popular destinations for medical entrance preparation in India. It is true that going to Kota used to be the best option for cracking entrance exams but with time, the scenario has changed. With so many crowd, competition and pressure, Kota has now become a risky choice for students preparing for entrance exams. With growing instances of students facing pressure and giving up, the city once famous for the best NEET coaching in India is slowly getting another tag while choosing Delhi for NEET entrance coaching has become the most fruitful alternative for medical aspirants. Students get top NEET entrance coaching in Delhi with all the required resources and guidance to crack NEET.

To clear this confusion for once and for all, let’s discuss why you should choose Delhi over Kota for NEET Coaching.

Why You Should Choose Delhi for NEET Coaching?

NEET Coaching in Delhi certainly pushes a student closer to success in NEET and there are good reasons behind this:

Top NEET Entrance Coaching Institutes

Delhi is popular for its excellence in every sector. With reputed NEET entrance coaching institutes churning out hundreds of successful NEET applicants every year, Delhi has now become the best choice for NEET entrance coaching in India. Many students from all over the country come to Delhi for medical entrance preparation to crack NEET entrance exam. Some of the top NEET Coaching Institutes in Delhi like Aakash Institute, Kelvin Institute etc. are popular for delivering exceptional NEET results every year.

Best NEET Faculty

NEET Coaching Institutes in Delhi possess well-experienced and highly-qualified teachers motivated towards offering the best guidance to their students. Students get complete support from teachers, be it one to one doubt session, proper attention, extra classes, guidance to make career decisions, encouragement to reach their highest potential, feedback to analyze their performance and motivation to make consistent efforts to achieve their goals. They put in a lot of efforts to help aspiring doctors crack NEET with a good score.

Personal Attention

There is a massive crowd in Kota. Around 1.6 lakh students from the surrounding states flock to Kota for entrance preparation every year. The staggering amount of students make it difficult to give attention to every student. If you are in the top 2-3 batches, you will get attention. But if you are in the last ones, the chances are you will feel neglected. Also coaching institutes in Kota seem to devoid students of school life. Most of the students are enrolled in School but are not required to attend classes. This way the student lacks encouragement and proper guidance for his development and exam preparation.

When you choose NEET Coaching Institutes in Delhi, you will find lesser crowd but more attention. NEET Coaching Institutes in Delhi aspire for better results rather than money and make sure to focus on every single student.

Small Batches

In Kota, you will find almost 150-200 students studying in every batch. When you study in a class of hundred, you feel uncomfortable and scared to ask any doubt fearing being judged by others. While NEET Coaching Institutes in Delhi prefer small batches. The limited strength of batches allows students to get comfortable with teachers and feel free to ask any query without any fear.

Positive Learning Environment

Reaching your peak takes time. And you need positive learning atmosphere to settle in a new environment, boost up your confidence, stay relaxed while pushing your limits. Students studying in Kota Coaching Institutes find hell competition and a lot of pressure – pressure to perform, pressure to study, pressure to do more and more. Pressure affects performance adversely and students get disheartened, stressed and demoralized.

Pressure is good for tires, not people.

Choosing Delhi as your NEET coaching destination allows you to study in a positive learning environment where teachers help you settle at a new place, interact with you, support you, guide you personally throughout your journey.

Structured Curriculum

Students choosing Kota find it difficult to cope up with the tight curriculum. Studying for long hours, memorizing a lot, busy schedules, too much study material to solve result in students getting distracted from the goal.

According to a report of Times of India, Two distressed young students said to psychologist Dr ML Agarwal in Jawaharnagar, Kota:

“18-hour schedules. A brutal sorting system that segregates ‘average’ students. No fee refund policies for those who want out. We can’t take it anymore. Our parents have told us to return home only after cracking IIT-JEE”

In Delhi’ NEET coaching institutes, the curriculum is well-organized and structured. Students can follow curriculum without getting stressed and complete syllabus well before time.


That’s all about the best NEET coaching destination friends. Hope it helps you make a decision. A wise one.

Whether you choose Kota or Delhi for NEET preparation, get to know all about the NEET entrance coaching institute, talk to their students and select the best one for you that can help you give your 100% to achieve your goals. All the best for your future endeavors!

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